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A local chapter of the Autodesk® Animation User Group Association (AAUGA), launched by BREAKIRON Animation&Design. Quarterly meetings will be held at offsite locations throughout the year. The chapter, which is called Triangle AAUGA Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, will provide networking, social and educational opportunities for North Carolina digital graphics artists in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park (RTP) and outlying regions.

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Arrival & Signup 6:30 pm


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Parking available in garage behind Natty Greene's ($3.00) or (free) on street if available.

About Us:
The Autodesk® Animation User Group Association (AAUGA) serves as a resource and forum for digital graphics artists. We are the Triangle AAUGA Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill chapter, bringing together area talent in a casual but professional environment. We talk 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, cool software features and more. We're the digital graphics artists behind the gaming, film, television, medical, architectural and technology industries, as well as many other types of businesses. Our quarterly meetings feature high-end software demonstrations, giveaways, hints and tips, discussions about available jobs — plus food!

-> Press Release
AAUGA User Group Launched in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill Area to Support Digital Graphics Community.

Our Purpose:
At Triangle AAUGA, it's our goal to pool and strengthen North Carolina's animation, visual effects and 3D graphics talent. We seek to provide networking opportunities, an upbeat social setting and a place to gain and share knowledge and experience. We also hope to be a talent source for North Carolina industries seeking top-quality digital graphics production services from experienced artists.

Boris FX and Imagineer Systems Team Up

Post Production Magic: Time consuming tracking, detailed rotoscoping, high end paint and beauty work, and other post production effects once only done in large studios can now be done on your laptop or home office. Mary Poplin from Imagineer Systems shows you how to use the same planar tracking techniques used on movies like Casino Royale, Pirates of the Caribbean, and X-Men on any project and any budget. Mary will show you how to make your project achieve a big screen look at small screen price tag; and how cinematographers, VFX artists, editors, and directors can easily create difficult visual effects with a new power tool in their tool box. When paired with Boris FX BCC Continuum Complete, an AE, mocha, and Premiere or Avid pipeline can really start to sing.

Door Prizes! 1 license of Mocha Pro ($1,495) and 1 license of Boris Continuum ($995)

BREAKIRON Produces New Simulation Experience For Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation.

Step behind the scenes with the production company that created the heart-pumping new simulation experience at North Carolina’s Airborne & Special Operations Museum. BREAKIRON’s team created a high-definition adventure that puts riders in the boots of soldiers during major actions in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. The new ride, Experience the Legend, debuted Saturday, May 16 and is now open to the public.

Reduce your rigging time from days to minutes with the
BZP PRO Smart Skinner!

BZP PRO rigging software, The Smart Skinner is taught in over 250 Universities internationally and is being used by the Studios who created animation for Oscar Winning Interstellar, Capt. America and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



6:30 Arrival / Signup    
7:00 Introductions    
7:10 AAUGA Chapter Announcements
Charlie Breakiron, Owner
BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC
Chapter President, AAUGA

    William Clay
Chapter Vice President, AAUGA
    Lisa Breakiron
Chapter Secretary/Treasurer, AAUGA

First Presenter:

Mary Poplin

Project Specialist


Imagineer Systems

Mary Poplin
Product Specialist
Imagineer Systems

LinkedIn: Mary Poplin
Email: Mary Poplin


Second Presenter:

Patrick VanNortwick

3D / VFX Artist

BREAKIRON Animation&Design

Patrick VanNortwick
3D / VFX Artist
BREAKIRON Animation&Design

LinkedIn:  Patrick VanNortwick
Email: Patrick VanNortwick

Third Presenter:

Brent Zorich



Brent Zorich

LinkedIn:  Brent Zorich
Email: Brent Zorich
9:20 Announcements / GiveAways

  Finish (Mixer, hang out and socialize)    

Past Meetings

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