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A local chapter of the Autodesk® Animation User Group Association (AAUGA), launched by BREAKIRON Animation&Design. Quarterly meetings will be held at offsite locations throughout the year. The chapter, which is called Triangle AAUGA Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, will provide networking, social and educational opportunities for North Carolina digital graphics artists in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park (RTP) and outlying regions.

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Arrival & Signup 6:30 pm

Presenters / Guest Speaker:

Randy Ochs,
Director, Strategic Alliances, Caustic Professional
Patrick VanNortwick,
BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC
Scott Ruppert, Lenovo ThinkStation Vertical Marketing 
Ben Chaney, Digital Artist / Writer

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Location: Lenovo - 1009 Think Place, Morrisville, NC 27560 - Building 3 Front Door

About Us:

The Autodesk® Animation User Group Association (AAUGA) serves as a resource and forum for digital graphics artists. We are the Triangle AAUGA Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill chapter, bringing together area talent in a casual but professional environment. We talk 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, cool software features and more. We're the digital graphics artists behind the gaming, film, television, medical, architectural and technology industries, as well as many other types of businesses. Our bimonthly meetings feature high-end software demonstrations, giveaways, hints and tips, discussions about available jobs — plus food!

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AAUGA User Group Launched in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill Area to Support Digital Graphics Community.

Our Purpose:

At Triangle AAUGA, it's our goal to pool and strengthen North Carolina's animation, visual effects and 3D graphics talent. We seek to provide networking opportunities, an upbeat social setting and a place to gain and share knowledge and experience. We also hope to be a talent source for North Carolina industries seeking top-quality digital graphics production services from experienced artists.

... At this meeting you will see ...
Caustic Visualizer™ for Autodesk Maya

Win your very own Caustic R2100 card! Attend this event to see the benefits of accelerated ray tracing, and you may just win a Caustic R2100 of your very own to take home!

Accelerating look development with Caustic Series2 and Visualizer for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya

The Caustic Professional group from Imagination Technologies will be coming to Raleigh, NC to demonstrate Caustic Visualizer accelerated by the Caustic Series2 R2500 and R2100 ray tracing accelerator cards.  This solution brings the world's first real-time ray tracer to the viewports of Autodesk® Maya® and 3ds Max®.  Artists & designers will learn how this solution can help
them to be more creative and efficient in their modeling and lighting pipelines.  The immediate benefit is reduced cost by eliminating unnecessary and time-consuming preview renders of assets and backgrounds. 

... And this ...


6:30 Arrival / Signup    
7:00 Introductions    
7:10 AAUGA Chapter Announcements
Charlie Breakiron, Owner
BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC
Chapter President, AAUGA

    William Clay
Chapter Vice President, AAUGA
    Lisa Breakiron
Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

First Presenter

CAUSTIC Professional

Randy Ochs
Director, Strategic Alliances
Caustic Professional

Patrick VanNortwick
BREAKIRON Animation&Design

Email: randy.ochs@imgtec.com


Second Presenter


Scott Ruppert
Lenovo Think Station Virtical Marketing

Email: ruppert@lenovo.com
Website: www.lenovo.com/us/en


Guest Speaker

Digital Artist / Writer
Son of Sedonia

Ben Chaney
Digital Artist

Email: benjaminachaney@gmail.com
Website: www.chaneyfolio.blogspot.com
Book: www.sonofsedonia.com

8:40 Q & A    
8:45 Announcements / GiveAways

Craig Brandwynne - Center Sound Records www.centersoundrecords.com

Steven Grove - Composer of Television, Film and Video Game Music


9:00 Finish (Mixer, hang out and socialize)    

Past Meetings

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