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A new chapter of the Autodesk® Animation User Group Association (AAUGA) is being launched by BREAKIRON Animation&Design. Bimonthly meetings will be held at offsite locations starting November 11, 2011. The chapter, which is called Triangle AAUGA Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, will provide networking, social and educational opportunities for North Carolina digital graphics artists in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park (RTP) and outlying regions.

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Behind the scenes 2012 Addy awards: 3D Animation, Film, Green Screen, Motion Capture with Kinect

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Parking available in garage behind Natty Greene's ($3.00) or (free) on street if available.

About Us:

The Autodesk® Animation User Group Association (AAUGA) serves as a resource and forum for digital graphics artists. We are the Triangle AAUGA Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill chapter, bringing together area talent in a casual but professional environment. We talk 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, cool software features and more. We're the digital graphics artists behind the gaming, film, television, medical, architectural and technology industries, as well as many other types of businesses. Our bimonthly meetings feature high-end software demonstrations, giveaways, hints and tips, discussions about available jobs — plus food!

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AAUGA User Group Launched in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill Area to Support Digital Graphics Community.

Our Purpose:

At Triangle AAUGA, it's our goal to pool and strengthen North Carolina's animation, visual effects and 3D graphics talent. We seek to provide networking opportunities, an upbeat social setting and a place to gain and share knowledge and experience. We also hope to be a talent source for North Carolina industries seeking top-quality digital graphics production services from experienced artists.


6:30 Arrival / Signup    
7:00 Introductions    
7:10 AAUGA Chapter Announcements    
7:20 First Presenter


Steve Grove
Musical Score for
Addy Intro Movie
Steven Grove, Owner

Michael Back, Partner / Creative Director
John Williams, Partner / Editor
Flying Frog Media


8:00 Second Presenter

Center Sound Records
Sound Design
& Music for Awards
Craig Brandwynne, Owner

Charlie Breakiron / Owner
Ben Forman / Contract CG Artist
Patrick VanNortwick / Contract CG Artist

BREAKIRON Animation&Design, LLC

Behind the scenes; Addy Awards Presentation

Autodesk: Maya, Softimage, Max, Mudbox
& Kinect
8:20 Demo Reels   Please keep all demo reels short, 4-5 minutes works great! Standard DVD
(no Blu-ray please).
8:30 Q & A    
8:45 Repeat Announcements / GiveAways    
9:00 Finish (Mixer, hang out and socialize)    
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Past Meetings

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